Heliarc 353i AC/DC

  • High quality AC/DC TIG & MMA welding The new Heliarc power sources have everything you need for advanced AC/DC TIG welding of aluminum, aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, stainless steel, mild steel and copper alloys. Heliarc weld stick electrodes, even difficult to start ‘Cellulosic’ AWS 60XX. • Excellent Arc control - Stable arc characteristics and settings provide excellent arc control and fast welding speed • Electrode preheating - Excellent arc starts, maintains tungsten shape and extended life. • AC or DC Pulsed TIG welding - Easy control of heat input and the weld pool. enhanced aesthetic weld bead appearance. • Dual TIG function - Switch between two weld current levels while welding via torch switch. Allows operator to manually control weld puddle fluidity. • Superior Stick (SMAW) performance - Even with 60XX electrodes • Liftarc Mode even on AC - Ideal for applications where HF (High Frequency) is not permitted. • Inverter / microprocessor technology - Highly efficient with low input power requirements. Precise arc control coupled with low weight & size • AC Pulsing 0.2-2Hz - Ideal for thin gauge aluminum
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