TransPocket 180 - Pślserandi

The key benefits at a glance

/ A digital resonance inverter ensures outstanding weld properties with an
extremely stable arc and low spattering

Optimised electrode ignition minimises electrode sticking and prevents

/ Power Factor Correction (PFC) adapts the current consumption of the
power source to the mains voltage and ensures optimum use of the mains
current, meaning that the customer can consume less energy and use
long mains leads

/ Maximum reliability, even under rough conditions, due to the robust plastic
housing with internal function carrier, built-in dust filter and improved

Easy to use and service thanks to ergonomic handles, an intuitively
designed user interface with a seven-segment, protected display and a
service interface

/ MMA welding of rod electrodes up to 4 mm 

/ Specially selectable operating mode for Cel electrodes for perfect welding results

/ TIG welding with touchdown ignition, 2-step/4-step mode, Up/Down function, TIG
pulsing and TAC tacking function

Mains voltage -20% / +15% - 1x230 V

Open circuit voltage 101 V

Weight 8,9 kg.


Verš 215.000 m/vsk.